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This is what our favorite sweetheart has to say about her new blingtastic iphone cases! "I have this Sweetheart Sparkle iPhone Bling Case line. It's handmade out of crystals so it's extra bling-y. It's handmade so it's really precise and perfect on the case. It's just awesome. I think that when people wear it people notice you because it's that bling-y and sparkley. It's just perfect to wear anywhere on your iPhone case.
Happy Fathers Day to Sammi's Dad Al Giancola!! :) 
This Is a Picture of Sammi filming season 6 in Seaside Height New Jersey, while wearing her, new gym clothing line from SXEFITNESS! Pre order yours TODAY! Go to ! 
June 21 2012 is the premier of the new show SnookiAndJwoww on MTV!  It will feature Jersey Shore stars Nicole ''Snooki'' Polizzi and Jenni ''Jwoww'' Farley. The pressure is on, both of them want to make sure that the show will get high ratings on the premier! I think it will get high ratings and here is why I say so. 1: It is summer time so ALL the teens will be able to stay up late and watch it, during the Jersey shore and The Pauly D Project, teens had to be in bed early for school the next day. 2: The viewers want to see how Snooki announces that she is pregnant to her friends and family. And 3: EVERYONE wants to know how Snooki will act during the pregnancy, and how she manages not to drink,smoke or party! This is my ideas. I just find that the ratings are going towards Snooki, Jwoww does not have a big impact on it! Be sure to follow me on twiter and join my live chat tonight starting at 9:30 and don't forget to watch SnookiAndJwoww tonight on MTV. Good luck to both of the stars and hopefully the nest spin-off will be for Sammi ! :)
Found this old picture of the three Jersey Shore girls, Sammi ''Sweetheart'' Giancola, Nicole ''Snooki'' Polizzi and Jenni ''Jwoww'' Farley. I absolutely love it ! oh and I love our Sweethearts hair! :) 
The Jersey girl joined forces with costume jewelry company, RichRocks, collaborating on a collection of bling inspired by her “sweetheart” self. Ranging in price from $15-$45, the collection of hoop earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets all have a truly romantic feel, and while the prices are pocket-friendly, the glam factor is high!
WOW! Sammi Posses for Signature Magazine ! We think she looks absolutely FABULOUS!!! It will be on stands soon, so don't forget to buy it! :) 
Sammi Sweetheart has lots of NEW products coming out for her collection. She has her gym wear, Iphone casses's and a Men's Dangerous cologne.  But I feel like she should get more products example: Hair products, books, bronzer and maybe even an app! Good luck to her and I hope I will have all of Sammi's collection in my hands!:)
And that's a wrap! The cast of Jersey Shore have finished filming their 6 season in seaside Height ! People are saying that this might me their last season! I hope that's a rumor!! If its true then I think we should all ask MTV to have a Sam and​​ Ron spin-off! But this last group hug picture is making us tear up! :(
It look's like season 6 was a good one for Sammi and Ronnie! Well that's what the picture is telling us! They seam to be happy while saying there good-byes! 
Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola's new Dangerous cologne for men will be coming out soon! Soon probably meen's beginning of fall! -Sammi once said that during a radio interview.  So men get ready to smell dangerous! Once it will be out you will be able to purchase it at ! Will you buy it?   
We have a little picture sneek peak of how Sammi's iPhone casse's will probably look like! They sure are BLINGY! Sammi say's they are hand made. They will be on Sammi NEW website! The website will relaunch in mid-July so keep your eye's open!  
Image courtesy of Sammi
In one of Sammi's interviews I heard her say that does mini bottles of Dangerous will be launched during the fall! I hope that is true because personally I love the idea to have a purse sized dangerous bottle! what do you guys think? 
Sammi and Deena's Twitter feud over a car!? This really breaks our heart to see them fight and unfollow each other on twitter because of a CAR!  It all started when Deena posted a picture of her brand new BMW, later Sammi posted a picture of her car sying 'My Princess', and then tweeted "congrats to @DeenaNicoleMTV for her new car that looks EXACTLY like mine. #cantyougetyourownstyle it's alright imitation is flattery" Minutes later Deena replied to her by tweeting "Lmao, bitch you so wack" Deena started Retweeting her fans that were saying pretty mean stuff about Sammi! But after all Sammi didn't RT anyone. Personally I thought Sammi was just messing around with Deena, but I guess that's not how Deena took! All-in-all I just hope they become BFF again! 
^ Side-by-side photos of Deena’s BMW (on the left) and Sammi’s
Did you hear the good news? Sammi and her on again off again boyfriend Ronnie from the Jersey shore bought a house in NYC and will move in together! They annouced it yesterday (July 17 2012) when they stopped by the Hollywood Life studios in New York! Sammi said that both of them love interior decorating and Ron is good at it so he can help her.Read More about there interview at ! Video of there interview is posted in the video section! I think now would be a good time for Ron and Sam to start filming there MTV spinoff ! Do you guys agree? 
Its been a great month for us on twitter! Deena followed, Mike tweeted, MTV followed, Scott Speer RT, Kate Gosselin tweeted and SAMMI tweeted us this morning! (July 18 2012 10:26 AM) :)
News given to us by Sam's publicist (@JMIGSPR) Sammi's Signature Magazine will be out on stands at Barn and noble at the end of this month! Maybe even going to be a signing ! Stay tuned! 
Sweethearts mark your calenders because Sammi will be at Ronnie's Shore Store at the Bronx on July 28 2012! will you be there ? 
WOW congratulations to snooki and jwoww on getting a second season of their hit MTV show! 
We found this Halloween picture of Sammi posing with one of The Jonas Brothers star Kevin Jonas and his wife at the Pool After Dark! We think Sammi looks good with blond hair what do you think? 
Hi Sweethearts, yesterday (July 24 2012) we got the chance to interview SXE Fitness's Karla Pinillos De Epstein, Owner and Designer of SXE Fitness Apparel true Twitter on Direct Messages! SXE Fitness collaborated with our Sweetheart, Sammi and created a gym clothing line which will be on the website soon. ( ) Enjoy!

Q: How did SXE Fitness start?

A: I am a person that loves working out and living a healthy life style. In South America, going to the gym is like walking into a fashion show. Everyone has the latest trends in gym clothes with all kinds of prints and styles, girls compete to have the best workout clothes, so being a latina I was always into gym fashion and I could never find cute clothes that were comfortable at the same time. So I woke up one morning and decided to start my own company designing gym clothes for girls like me that want to feel sexy yet comfortable at the same time.

Q: Are all your gym clothes on your website or do you own a store?

A: The SXE fitness line is sold on my website and also at Club H Fitness, a great gym in Hoboken, NJ.

Q: When did you start your company? Has it been going good?

A: The company was stablished in 2007 and its doing great! We get awesome feedback from our customers and in 5 years of business we can count with 1 hand the amount of returns we've had :-)

Q: How did you pick the name?

A: I wanted a name that exudes sex appeal (when SXE is said fast sounds like Sexy!) so a couple a friends and I brainstormed for a few days and I picked SXE FITNESS.

Q: What is your tip for someone struggling with loosing weight?

A: Focus! A good balance between diet and exercise will help anyone. Start by giving up 1 type of food and adding 1 type of execise to your daily routine you will see a big difference! There are various fun exercises out there like zumba or spining or pole dancing, dont be afraid to try them

Of course we had to ask her some questions about Sammi!

Q: Was it fun working with Sammi?

A: A lot of fun! She is uhmmm.. Sweet! I specially loved working with her on the photoshoot for the collection, shes an amazing model too!

Q: When will her collection be out?

A: Very soon and we are sure the fans will love it!!

Q: Will guys be doing any talk show's to promote the clothing line?

A: By Sammi being a TV personality everything gets to the press one way or another.

Q: Did Sammi help create the look for the clothing line? Was she fuzzy?

A: Yes! Sammis collaboration was critical to make sure designs reflect who she is.

Q: Her Dangerous perfume is for an affordable price will the clothing line also be affordable? And did you get the chance to smell the perfume?

A: The perfume smells amazing, I really like it. The clothes will have a good range of prices to suit everyone. The prices go from as low as $30 to as high as $90 for this colection. Sammi wanted to focus on quality so people will get an amazing product for an affordable price.

Q: When did you start working on the collection with Sammi?

A: We started working on the collection about 4months ago. In fashion u have to work fast so you don's miss the 'fashion deadlines".

Q: What do you meen by "fashion deadlines"?

A: Like things going out of style, fashion changes so much so fast that you have to ride the train as it is moving, you cant be behind.

Q: From a 1-10 how popular do you think the collection will be?

A: With supporters like you and a great quality and beautiful product Lets hope for a 10!!

Q: Do you still talk with Sammi? Are you guys friends now?

A: Yes, we communicate for business purposes or just to say hi :)

Q: On a scale from 1-10 how sweet is Sammi?

A: Definitely 10!

And we had to ask her what does she think of our website?

A: Your website looks great! I love how passionate you are about this!

We really wanna Thank SXE Fitness for letting us ask her these questions! Follow her on twitter @SXEfitness and check out there website Stay tuned for Sammi;s collection!

Our own and first INTERVIEW with SXE Fitness!!! :) 
Sammi and Deena are back friends and are following each other on twitter again!! Yay soooo happy, but true friends/sisters will always get in to arguments, but they'll solve them after! :)
Sammi tweets us some of her favorite Olympics sports! She say's '' I truly love swimming Soccer track and gymnastics the best..'' These are some good choices now what are your favorite Olympics sports? Tweet them to us @FansSammiSweeth and we will RT you! ;) 
Congratulation's to Jenni Jwoww Farley and her boyfriend Roger's Mathews on their 2 years anniversary!! We wish you the best of luck for MANY MANY years to come! :)
Sammi tweeted her favorite candy!! This is what she said ''Fav. Candy obsession: twix. '' But not much after her tweet she tweeted ''Or twizzlers cherry pull n peel..'' lol good choice sammi! :) 
Better Late then never!! While I finish off whipping my tears since I couldn't go meet Sammi on July 28 2012 at Ronnie's Shore Store in the Bronx!! I got to ask some of the people that were there a couple of questions about how the meet and greet went down! @DoriannaLaRusso told us that there was about 70+ people at the event! Sammi got there a few minutes late, Ronnie's dad was the one that got her there with Ronnie's little sister! Aww how cute is that! We also had to ask her about the weather since all the people were waiting outside she told us ''The weather was very very hot, but not sunny!'' And last question we asked her to do us a little fashion recap of what Sammi was wearing she said ''  She had a cream colored dress with black lace on it and it had a zipper in the front and I'm pretty sure she was wearing wedges'' well in the picture's she did look amazing!! Stay tuned I'll post more pictures in the slideshow soon! Thx again to our correspondent Dorianna, give her a follow on twitter @DorriannaLaRusso ! :) 
Ok YES Sammi went dress shopping but it wasn't for her! People need to relax a lil, it was for her sister Nikki who got engaged while Sammi was filming season 6 of the Jersey Shore! The Sad part is that Sammi even said in her tweet that she was going wedding dress shopping for her sister Nikki and people still started all those rumors that her and Ron are getting married and that they are engaged! lol some people are funny! Anyways congrats to Nikki !! :) 
Sammi Posted a new picture on her Facebook a couple days ago, the caption of that picture was ''new things in the making!''  What can does NEW thing's be?? The only thing I can tell you is that i'm ECXITED and I can't wait!! :) 'LIKE' her on Facebook! 
Its official, MTV's Jersey Shore season 6 will be premiering on October 4 2012 at 10 PM!! Ahhh I can't wait to see how the house will be with Snooki Pregnant, The Situation sober, Deena in a relationship and how Sammi and Ronnie will be! So are you gonna be watching season 6?  
Go to to see Sammi's mini Interview! 
In honor of the London 2012 Olympics games, this contest we will crown 3 of the Jersey Shore cast with Olympic medals (gold,silver,bronze) You guys will have until tomorrow at 12amEST to DM me on twitter OR email me               ( ) one name of the Jersey shore cast! the one with the most votes will win gold and on and on! Now if the person you vote for wins gold, you wil be a winner of this contest with all of the other people that voted (there will be a prize!) Good luck and start voting! :) 
CONGRATS to everyone that voted Sammi for gold, because sammi won the gold! So the winner out of all the people that voted for sammi is... @JessicaUpYoung ! Now Ronnie won Silver and Deena won bronze! And Mike and Vinny got 0 votes! Thank you for everyone who participated more contest to come stay tuned!! ;) 
Hi Sweethearts, for the past week we've been interviewing Sammis Dangerous Perfumes fragrance site via Direct Messages on Twitter! I got the chance to ask them lot's of questions about Sammi, Dangerous Perfumes and most importantly the Men's Cologne which will be out on the website SOON! Check it out.

Q: Will we be able to pre-order the men's cologne?

A: No but it will be up in September.

Q: Is there going to be a mini bottle of Dangerous?

A: Yes we are working on that for Valentines day.

Q: How are the perfumes selling?

A: Perfume is selling very good. A lot of the customers are repeat customers!

Q: Which perfume has more bottles sold (I know dangerous has been out longer)

A: Dangerous out sells Dangerous Desires. With time Dangerous Desires is growing. Yesterday a customer in Maryland bought 4 bottles!

Q: How do you think the mens cologne will be?

A: Unbelievable. Ronnie loves it! It tested off the charts in NJ and NY. blows away anything on the market. It is ready to go. Sammi is approving the artwork for the packaging now and we are looking at a September October launch. She is so excited!

Q: Will she be on the box

A: She will be in the box

Q: How did she get the idea to do a mens cologne and how long have you been working on it

A: A natural progression from womens. She met with top fragrance designer! And 6 months

Q: Will there be any new ones for womens or even men, are you guys working on anything new

A: Good chance of it! And YES ​​​​ 
​​​ ​​​​​​​​ 
They are also in talks of doing a singing at Planet Hollywood NY Times Squares and going on talk shows! We wanna say Thank you to Dangerous Perfume for letting us interviewing them! Please follow them on twitter @DangerousPerfum And check out there website !  ​
Our Own and second Interview with Dangerous Perfume! 
"Jersey Shore" star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi gave birth to her first child, a boy. The reality TV star and her fiance, Jionni LaValle, welcomed 6-pound, 5-ounce Lorenzo Dominic LaValle into the world at just before 3 a.m. Sunday at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, N.J..
Sammi looked AMAZING at the 2012 VMAs and at the 2012 BMI urban awards! See more pics in the "picture" section of our website plus see pics of Sam and Ron at the beats VMA after party at PlayHouse
Its official Sammi is working on her clutch line!!! See her announce it in the video we posted in the 'video' section of our  website!!!  
Make sure to check sammi's NEW website to get her Sammi Sweetheart Colection for SXE Fitness!!! !
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! I wanna thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday including: Sammi , Deena, Ronnie, Micah Jesse, Kate Gosselin, Joey Lasalla, SXE Fitness, Big Jerry, Ron Ron juice , Signature Hits Magazine and Jo Mignano!!! xox
Go to to get 25% OFF all of The Sammi Sweetheart Collection for SXE Fitness!! HURRY sale ends on October 11 2012!!! 
Dangerous for MEN is now available at !!!!!!!! WOOHOO